Quick Answer: How To Draw Moon?


How do you draw a simple moon?

Step-by-Step Instructions for Drawing the Moon

  1. Begin by drawing a circle. This will outline the moon itself.
  2. Draw a cloud passing in front of the moon.
  3. Completely enclose the shape of the cloud, using short, connected curved lines to outline the bottom of the cloud.
  4. Add another cloud beneath the moon.

What color is the moon?

Even then the color can change; if there is ash in the atmosphere, the Moon can go an even deeper shade of pink or orange than normal. So there’s your answer; the Moon’s true color is grey, but appears to us in whatever color the Earth’s atmosphere makes it appear. Wishing you clear skies and wide eyes.

How do you make a crescent moon out of cardboard?

Crescent willow moon

  1. Cut two disks from cardboard.
  2. Draw another circle on each disk to create the crescent shape.
  3. Cut out the half moon shapes.
  4. Glue the tips of the half moon to connect the shape.
  5. Glue in a strip of cardboard to separate the two halves.
  6. Add a few more strips of cardboard to create a sturdy shape.

How do you shade a full moon?

Use an H pencil to shade in details on the Moon. Shade lightly on the light spots and with more pressure on the mares. Try to make your shading rough so that it emulates the moon’s texture.

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