Quick Answer: How To Draw Ninja Turtles?


Who is purple Ninja Turtle?

Donatello. Donatello is the scientist, inventor, engineer, and technological genius of the Ninja Turtles and the second-youngest/middle-child brother. Donnie wears a purple mask and wields a bo-staff.

How do you draw a ninja star?

Six-point Shuriken ( Ninja Star ) Draw a circle at the center of the page. Draw three equally long straight lines, with each of its center intersecting at the core of the circle. Make the tips of these lines of equal distance from each other, forming something like spokes of a wheel.

What is the rarest Ninja Turtle toy?

Collectors and fans regard the Scratch the Cat action as the rarest toy in the TMNT line.

How did Leonardo die TMNT?

During the final conflict with Shredder and his forces, Leo fought Karai. He managed to defeat her, but as he was about to finish her, he was distracted by a Karai Bot. Karai took the opportunity to strike him down from behind, killing him. His death served as a motivation for two of his brothers.

Who was the female Ninja Turtle?

Venus de Milo (often shortened to simply Venus) is a fictional character within the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise. She first appeared in the television series, Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation. There, she was portrayed by Nicole Parker and voiced by Lalainia Lindbjerg.

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