Quick Answer: How To Draw Pinups?


How do you become a pin up artist?

Get involved – go to events and introduce yourself to other pinups you see, enter into pinup contests, join groups on Facebook and interact, go to events that other people who enjoy the vintage culture are at, like burlesque shows, rockabilly concerts, or car shows, and talk to people.

Who was the most famous pin up girl?

Betty Grable was perhaps the most popular pinup girl during WWII. Betty’s studio, Twentieth Century Fox, provided five million copies of one pinup photo to distribute to troops.

How much does a Pin-Up Girl make?

You will be LUCKY to even get paid to perform. Many performers will make as little as $75.00 a gig which means you will need to perform 133 times just to cover the cost of that one costume. Not many performers get even remotely as much money as Dita requests per performance.

What is a pinup tattoo?

Pin-up tattoos are an expression of the beauty of females. Pin-up tattoos are traditional tattoos that do not always have one specific meaning. In pin-up tattoo a girl is designed on a body part. With new designs of pin-up tattoo, even the women are seen sporting the pinup girls on their bodies too.

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