Readers ask: How To Draw A Background?


Should I draw the background first?

If you are going the traditional way and drawing on paper, it’s always better to just mark off a rectangle depending on where you want to place your character. Once that is done, draw the background Followed by the character. (All in pencil, when you are sure, use the outline pens.)

How can I make a good background?

8 Beginner Tips for Images with a Better Background

  1. Choose Plain Backgrounds. By getting down low and looking up at your subject, the sky can make a great plain background.
  2. Give your Subject Some Distance.
  3. Crop in Tight.
  4. Create a Balance.
  5. Change Your Point of View.
  6. Use a Longer Lens.
  7. Frame Your Subject.

How can I improve my background?

Tips for Using Backgrounds Effectively

  1. Keep It Simple. Often, the composition will call for a simple and clutter-free background.
  2. Blur the Background.
  3. Get Some Bokeh.
  4. Fill the Frame With Your Subject.
  5. Try Different Angles.
  6. Look for Contrasting Colors.
  7. Turn the Background Black.
  8. Consider Panning.

What app do Webtoon artists use?

Make illustrations, manga, comics and animation with Clip Studio Paint, the artist’s tool for drawing and painting.

What should be included in the background of a drawing?

The background should support the subject of the drawing. Whether you’re drawing a still life, a portrait, or a complex action scene, you should choose a background that “sets the stage” for the subject you’ve chosen.

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Do you draw foreground or background first?

The benefit to painting the background wash first is that you are less likely to mess up the foreground object. In general, if you want the background color to show through and become part of the subject, then paint the wash first.

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