Readers ask: How To Draw A Candle?


How do you draw a easy candle?


  1. Draw the large center candle.
  2. Add two medium side candles.
  3. Draw two more behind the fire.
  4. Add wax and flame to the center candle.
  5. Erase, add flames to the other side.
  6. Draw berries and holly in the center.
  7. Add more holly and berries on the side.
  8. Erase the candle bottoms as shown.

How do you draw a realistic candle?

1. How to Draw a Candle Flame

  1. Sketch a candle using the hard pencil.
  2. Draw the outline of the flame.
  3. Add some space on the sides—this will be the glow around the flame.
  4. Tilt your pencil and draw all around the candle and the flame.
  5. Take your blending tool and drag it all around the area to make it smooth.

Can you draw on a candle?

Place your drawn design on the candle. Wrap the wax paper around the candle tightly and tape it together. When you are all done, the tissue paper should be held tightly in place next to the candle with the wax paper on top of it.

How do you draw a candle for kids?


  1. Draw a window frame.
  2. Draw melting wax.
  3. Add candle sides below.
  4. Draw a large flame above.
  5. Start drawing “Y” shapes.
  6. Some can be on their sides.
  7. Continue making more “Y’s”.
  8. Make sure all are closed spaces.
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How do you paint wax candles?

How to Paint on Candles

  1. Dab a small amount of rubbing alcohol on a lint-free cloth.
  2. Combine equal portions of candle – painting medium and acrylic paint in a small disposable container or on a paper plate, stirring with a paintbrush.
  3. Paint your desired design on the candle using an artist’s brush and acrylic paint.

How do you draw a cross?

Step-by-Step Instructions for Drawing a Cross

  1. Begin by drawing a narrow vertical rectangle.
  2. Draw another, slightly smaller, rectangle within the first.
  3. Draw a narrow horizontal rectangle perpendicular to the first.
  4. Draw another, slightly smaller, rectangle within the horizontal rectangle.

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