Readers ask: How To Draw A Chick?


How do you draw a easy chick for kids?


  1. Make guidelines. Draw a large circle.
  2. Draw the body below.
  3. Erase the neck line, add a beak.
  4. Erase the inside line. Add beak, and eye.
  5. Draw the inside of the eye.
  6. Finish the face, and add two wings.
  7. Finish the wings and add two feet.
  8. Draw a background and the sun.

How do you dye a chick?

Brush the dye onto the chicken with your fingers or an old toothbrush. Squirt a little of the food coloring into a cup or bowl and dip your fingers or an old toothbrush into the dye. Then, gently brush it onto the chicken’s feathers, always working in the same direction that the feathers grow.

What chick means?

chick noun [C] (WOMAN) slang. a young woman.

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