Readers ask: How To Draw A Cup?


How do you draw a cup for kids?

How to Draw a Cup for Kids

  1. Draw a vertical line so that it’s easier for us to observe the proportions.
  2. At the top draw an oval that will be the top edge of the cup.
  3. Below draw another oval but smaller.
  4. Using slightly curved lines connect these two ovals.
  5. Erase all the extra lines and we will get a glass.

How do you draw a realistic Cup?

How to Draw a Cup

  1. First sketch out the outlines of the cup and the handle, which is very similar to an ear.
  2. Then outline the top edge of the cup using a shape of a flat oval.
  3. Draw the edges and lower part of the cup.
  4. At this stage draw the handle of our cup.
  5. Add some shadows to your cap drawing.

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