Readers ask: How To Draw A Forest Background?


How do you draw a simple forest?

If you want a grassy forest, draw some spikes that vary in size and direction. Draw some trees. If the tree is closer, make it larger. If it is farther away, make it smaller and behind the ones that are closer, to add perspective to your drawing.

How do you draw a easy deer?


  1. Lightly draw a circle.
  2. Add a tilted pill shape below.
  3. Connect the two shapes with a neck.
  4. Add the nose shape and an eye.
  5. Draw two ears on the head.
  6. Add a front and back leg as shown.
  7. Draw the other two legs and erase all the gray lines.
  8. Trace with a marker. Add thin lines in pencil only for color guides.

How do you draw a scene?

5 steps to start drawing a scene in perspective |TIP126

  1. Step 1 Observe the scene with perspective rules. Observation is 80% of the job.
  2. Step 2 Identify the simple volumes. A scene is full of details and things to care about.
  3. Step 3 Draw with a light pressure pen.
  4. Step 4 Add details.
  5. Step 5 Bold the shapes.

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