Readers ask: How To Draw A Tear?


How do you draw a perfect tear?

Start with a few shapes, a large circle for the perfect tear, and then a smaller round shape for the smaller tear, and then an oval shape for the eye. When these shapes are drawn you can then draw the lines that are connected to them like so.

How do you draw a teary eye?

How to Draw Tears in Eyes: Great Instruction with Steps

  1. Step 1: Begin with Upper Eyelids. This stage involves outlining the upper eyelids with the pencil.
  2. Step 2: Add Eyelashes and Lower Eyelids.
  3. Step 3: Eyebrows and Circles of Eyes.
  4. Step 4: Drawing Tears in Eyes.
  5. Step 5: Make Eyes Realistic.
  6. Step 6: Hatchwork.

How do you draw a digital tear?

If you’re ready, let’s start!

  1. Outline in light color where tears are.
  2. Blot out some light spots using same color.
  3. Use near-black to outline tears on both sides of white.
  4. Use multiply in two shades of grey-blue to shade to bottom side of tear.
  5. Use luminosity to airbrush glow and focus birghtness on top side of tear.

How do you draw a anime crying eye?

When you are drawing an anime character that is staring to cry draw the eyes squinted. Draw the bottom eyelashes/eyelids curved inwards and slightly lowered towards the outer part of the eye. Draw the top eyelashes/eyelids less curved than normal and also slightly lowered towards the outer part of the eye.

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How do you paint tears in watercolor?

Draw the tears leaving the eye with the iconic ” tear drop” shape, pointed at the top and rounded at the bottom. Draw tears further down in a loose, oval shape. Draw only a few tear drops on each side of the face, or limit the tears to one, as too many will dilute the effect.

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