Readers ask: How To Draw Head?


How do I learn to draw portraits?

Here are some tips for drawing portraits:

  1. When you want to draw facial features, start with the eyes.
  2. When you finish the eyes, move down and finish the nose, then the mouth.
  3. Allow the darkness of the hair to help create the lighter edge of the face.

How do you draw a male head shape?

  1. Step 1: Draw a Sphere. To begin draw a simple sphere.
  2. Step 2: Slice The Sphere Into Quarters. ​
  3. Step 3: Lop Off The Sides. ​
  4. Step 4: Draw The Eye Line. ​
  5. Step 5: Extend The Center Line. ​
  6. Step 6: Draw The Nose and Mouth Guides Onto The Face. ​
  7. Step 7: Draw The Jaw.
  8. Step 8: Draw in The Cheek Bone And Outer-Brow Guidelines.

How do you draw a 3/4 skull?

Start by drawing a circle.

  1. Then find the center line.
  2. Next, we’ll find the brow-line.
  3. This line here will represent the point where the front plane of the skull meets the side plane.
  4. Fill in the side of the face.
  5. Now draw in the nose… and attach the jaw.

How do you draw a good head?

5 tips for drawing a head

  1. Define the outer shape. For head shapes, oval, square and combinations of both work well.
  2. Locate the crosshairs. To place the crosshairs, look at the centre of the face and the centre of the eyes.
  3. Define planes.
  4. Features and details.
  5. Light and shade.
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How do you draw a human front head?

How To Draw The Head — Front View

  1. Begin with a circle representing the top of the head. Add a smaller circle below the first.
  2. Add the hairline, which is lower than the top of the head even when the person is bald or shaved.
  3. Develop the eyes.
  4. Develop light and dark areas to describe the planes of the head and face.

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