Readers ask: How To Draw Landscapes?


How do you start drawing a landscape?

The Secret to Great Landscape Drawings

  1. Step 1: Start with the focal point. Decide what your focal point is, and draw that first.
  2. Step 2: Simplify the scene as you go. As you’re drawing, look at the landscape with an editor’s eye.
  3. Step 3: Start shading and adding details.

What are the three types of landscape?

There are different types of landscape:

  • Mountain landscapes. We can see mountains, with narrow rivers, forests, villages and steep roads.
  • Flat landscapes. We can see flat land, wide rivers, farms, cities and motorways.
  • Coastal landscapes. We can see cliffs, the sea and tourist towns.

How do you draw a better landscape?

6 Ways to Spruce Up Your Landscape Pencil Drawings!

  1. Use sandpaper, contrast, and edge control to draw textures for smooth and rough rocks.
  2. Pay attention to pencil direction and use paper stumps for drawing trees in the distance.
  3. Use changes in value, contrast, and a variety of scribbles to draw this blue spruce.

Who is the most famous landscape artist?

Vincent Van Gogh created some of the best known masterpieces in landscape art including his most renowned painting The Starry Night. He is the best known landscape artist.

How do you draw a landscape in 1 point perspective?


  1. Draw a horizon and road that comes to point.
  2. Draw a guide line.
  3. Draw a smaller T near the middle of the paper.
  4. Add a smaller T to the left.
  5. Finish with more Ts, all touching the guide line.
  6. Erase the guide and draped wire line on the left.
  7. Draw the wire line draped on the right.

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