Readers ask: How To Draw Light?


What is used to create rays of light?

Creating Light Rays By either putting light through a slit, or using a laser beam, we can create something resembling a light ray and show the effects of reflection and refraction. These images are examples of reflection and refraction using these beams of light.

How do I make my eye color glow?

How to Draw Glowing Eyes

  1. Before we start, you’re going to need an eye to colour!
  2. so now that you’ve got an eye, choose a base colour.
  3. start shading the coloured part.
  4. Lighten up the colour you used as a base colour and rim it around the eye.
  5. Take the colour you used for shading.

Who is Angel Ganev?

About – Angel Ganev. This is the official merch website of Angel Ganev. Angel is a digital painter who is devoted on developing his art style and teaching it to others. His main focus is bringing together a community of dedicated artists and changing their perception of art.

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