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How do I start the raze lighter quest?

Raze – Lighter is a level 40 Exotic Sword. It is obtained as a reward for completing A Sword Reforged, a quest that is acquired by speaking to Lord Shaxx while equipped with a legendary sword that has been fully upgraded and infused with an attack value of 280 or greater.

How do I get to the asylum on the Dreadnaught?

The Asylum is a location on the Dreadnaught. It contains a large open space in which Tombships fly in the far distance, as well as a portal to Oryx’s inner sanctum. The Asylum may be reached in Patrol by rapidly killing the three Wardens of Oryx in The Founts.

How good is Oryx greatsword?

This sword is extremely useful when dealing with high defense enemies. The sword is fairly good on Knights since they can afford to get closer to their enemies, in exchange for a DPS boost against high DEF enemies. When originally released, it made no sound when shot.

How do you get a sword in d1?

To pick up this quest, go to the Tower and visit Cayde-6 in the Hall of Guardians. When Dread Patrol is complete, head back to the Tower and chat with Eris Morn. She will then pass on A Broken Will, allowing you to acquire either the Void Edge, Sol Edge or Arc Edge sword.

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How do I start the sword reforged quest?

A Sword Reforged is a Quest in Destiny, composed of six steps, which rewards one of three Exotic Swords (Raze-Lighter, Dark-Drinker, or Bolt-Caster). The quest can be started by talking to Lord Shaxx while possessing a Legendary Sword which has been fully unlocked and raised to 280 Attack with Infusion.

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