Readers ask: How To Draw Pegasus?


How do you draw a real unicorn?

1. Sketch the Pose of a Unicorn

  1. Start with an oval for the chest.
  2. Add the rump.
  3. Add the neck and head.
  4. You can choose any pose you like for your unicorn, but it will be the most realistic if you borrow it from a horse.
  5. Finally, add a tail:
  6. Now we’re going to add shapes characteristic for a horse body.

What’s a flying unicorn called?

A winged unicorn (or flying unicorn Also known as Alicorn, Alaricorn and Unipegasus) is a fictional horse with wings and a horn, and may be a variant from either the more well known Pegasus, and/or unicorn.

How do you draw a full body unicorn?

How to Draw a Unicorn

  1. Step 1: Draw two circles as guides for the unicorn’s body.
  2. Step 2: Draw a smaller circle above the first as a guide for the unicorn’s head.
  3. Step 3: Draw a U-shaped arc on the lower right side of the head as a guide for the unicorn’s muzzle.

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