Readers ask: How To Draw Smaug?


How do you draw the Hobbit?


  1. Sketch the head.
  2. On top of the circle, draw a large semicircle.
  3. Draw a rounded triangle below the face.
  4. On each side of the body, draw an arch.
  5. Draw two half ovals under the body.
  6. Draw two small rectangles, each connected to a large oval.
  7. Outline the image.
  8. Erase the sketch lines.

What is a one point perspective drawing?

A drawing has one – point perspective when it contains only one vanishing point on the horizon line. This type of perspective is typically used for images of roads, railway tracks, hallways, or buildings viewed so that the front is directly facing the viewer. These parallel lines converge at the vanishing point.

How do you make an easy dragon head?


  1. Fold paper to get lines shown. Draw two curves.
  2. Continue the top of the head.
  3. Continue the cheek lines.
  4. Add the mouth and lips.
  5. Draw the nose, eye, ear and cheek.
  6. Draw a long horn.
  7. Add the inside neck line.
  8. Finish with spikes.

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